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Procrastination: a delaying human nature.

We always tend to postpone things, we say we’ll do it later. But do we?

The answer is no. Just because of our delaying habit, we create a pile of work which altogether can’t be finished ever.

This kind of approach is not at all good for our work.

Now the question is, How to stop it?

1. Reduce distractions: the most distractive thing in this world is our mobile phones and social media. Start with minimal avoiding(of phones and everything which distracts you), like just for 1 hour every day. Then increase the time progressively, and you’ll surely see the results.

2. Meditation: we often tend to avoid doing meditation, but we don’t know how useful it can be for our peace. You can do ‘anulom vilom’, it’s really very effective. What does your brain want? a lot of oxygen right?!. So therefore by doing this yoga you can have a fresh to start mind.

3. Commit yourself: commitment is really an important process of completing the task. Be committed to what you have promised to yourself. If you have taken any work then begin it with a mindset that you have to finish it by the deadline that you have given that work.

I hope it will surely increase your efficiency and you’ll stop procrastinating things.



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